Are all Montessori programmes the same?

Each Montessori school reflects the personalities of the adults running the school, so no two Montessori schools are exactly alike and each should be judged individually.

In addition, as the Montessori method has grown in popularity, there has been an increasing number of people offering teacher training. All Montessori teacher training programmes are not equal. Some are better than others. It is wise to investigate all options of teacher training available to you in order to make an informed choice and choose the facility that will empower you to become an authentic Montessori guide who is an asset to the children and families you will one day reach.

Here is a list of questions you can use to compare other Montessori colleges with The Montessori Campus:

Questions to ask:
Other training centres:
The Montessori Campus:
If I pay my whole programme in advance, does the College reward me?
Yes – 10% discount for up front payments
Is my course director qualified?
Yes – with more than 18 years teaching experience and 11 years experience as a Montessori course director
Is there an Accredited level 1 first aid including infant and child CPR included in the course?
Yes – at no additional cost (18 hour course – valid for 2 years)
Does my college provide all my course material in a printed format?
Yes – all modules are pre-printed in high quality colour and presented in ring binder format.
Does my college provide me with any textbooks?
Yes – 5 textbooks are provided by The Montessori Campus
Are there additional expenses?
Yes – assignments will be at your own expense
Will I be assessed regularly?
Yes – strict assessment criteria are followed with each student
Are there supplementary exams?
Yes – supplementary exams are written in January each year
Does the College offer a student resource centre?
Yes – with a library, computers, internet, printing, copying and laminating facilities.
Do I have to complete teaching practice?
Yes – onsite learning is an important element of preparation to becoming a Montessori teacher. 20 weeks are required and we will guide and help you with this.
Will there be opportunity for me to practice with a full range of Montessori Materials?
Yes – The centre is open regular office hours.
Does my college offer access to enhancement workshops?
Yes – many workshops are scheduled throughout the duration of the course at an additional cost. The Montessori Campus students get first priority when booking and a 20% discount
What is the price of the programme I want to study?